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Get Your Casino Fix At Spreadex: India’s Top Gaming Site

Get Your Casino Fix At Spreadex: India’s Top Gaming Site – Place a qualifying £25 fixed odds bet at odds of 1/2 or better. Eligible bets cannot be placed during play and cannot be redeemed early. Your first free £5 fixed odds bet will be credited once eligible bets have been settled. Subsequent 4x £5 fixed odds free bets will be added to your account on consecutive days. Split bet losses may exceed your deposit. 18+

Spreadex is a UK-based sports and financial spread betting company and is the only online bookmaker that allows users to participate in fixed-odd betting and sports betting in one account. At Spreadex, you can bet on sports, buy and sell financial products, and play casino games.

Get Your Casino Fix At Spreadex: India’s Top Gaming Site

Get Your Casino Fix At Spreadex: India's Top Gaming Site

Spreadex is an online betting site that focuses on spread betting, which differs from fixed odds in that you can win or lose more depending on whether you win or lose. You can also place fixed odds bets on Spreadex.

Elevate Your Gaming At Spreadex: The Best Casino Site For Indian Players

While many new betting sites pop up from time to time and claim to have a unique selling point, Spreadex is a well-known bookmaker with one of the biggest USPs.

Spread betting is unknown to casual bettors, but it is a fun and exciting way to bet on sports, especially if you have a strong opinion about a particular event.

How it works, Spreadex predicts the market and calls it a spread. You can buy if you think the outcome will be higher than the spread and sell if you think it will be lower.

For example, if you buy the entire target market, the more targets you have against the spread set by Spreadex, the more wins you will win. Conversely, the more goals you lose, the more you lose.

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There are different types of spreads available for different sports and Spreadex offers spread betting on sports such as soccer, horse racing, golf, cricket, greyhounds, tennis and more.

You can also place fixed-odd bets on Spreadex and they work just like any other bet you make on a standard online betting site. Overall, the payout percentage is around 94-95%, which is middling compared to other UK bookmakers.

The offer also includes a casino and you can buy and sell financial products through the site.

Get Your Casino Fix At Spreadex: India's Top Gaming Site

Spreadex’s payment methods are limited to debit card transactions and you can send a check, wire transfer or set up direct debit if you prefer.

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Bet £25 at 1/2+ fixed odds and you will receive the full £40 spread through a series of free bets.

Spread betting allows bookmakers to predict what they think the outcome of an event will be, buy if they think the outcome will be higher than the spread, and sell if they think it will be lower. The farther the actual result is from the bookmaker’s prediction, the more you can win or lose.

Example – There are fixed odds bets on Spreadex. Click on any event to see ‘Spread Bet’ and ‘Fixed Odds’ options. Click on the latter to see the odds and change from decimal to fractional as desired.

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports on Spreadex, and each race has a variety of betting markets to choose from. For example, points are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each race, and you can buy and sell studs based on your position against Spreadex’s predictions.

Spreadex: Where Winning Is Always In The Cards

Spreadex deposit and withdrawal methods are quite old. You must use a debit card or send a check, wire transfer or direct debit.

The range of banking options is not that great, but there is some flexibility regarding the withdrawal amount as there is no minimum amount.

You can deposit any amount into your Spreadex account, but we reserve the right to charge you £1 if you deposit less than £50 by credit card.

Get Your Casino Fix At Spreadex: India's Top Gaming Site

Spreadex details can be found on their website and you can pay using it. You can also pay by phone by calling our customer service team.

Account Opening Offer

The maximum value on one card is £25,000, with the exception of MasterCard, which has a maximum of £2,500.

All Spreadex customers are age-checked to ensure they are 18 or older.

As with all online gambling sites in the UK, upon registration you may be asked to submit a photocopy or scan of a document if verification cannot be completed electronically.

In addition to the Spreadex welcome offer, there are several promotions that existing customers can take advantage of while using Spreadex.

Join The Fun At Spreadex: The Top Casino Site In India

There is a ‘Promotions’ button in the additional section of the sidebar, where you can find information about the different ways you can get extra value from the site through the deals we offer.

In the promotions section you can also find other resources such as weekly sports updates and best bets of the month.

Headquartered in St Albans, Hertfordshire, Spreadex is one of the most respected companies in online betting, not to mention spread betting.

Get Your Casino Fix At Spreadex: India's Top Gaming Site

Spreadex has won the title of Best Spread Betting Firm Customer Service four times at the Investment Trends Spread Betting Awards and Spread Betting Firm of the Year three times at the City of London Wealth Management Awards.

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According to Spreadex’s website, the company has grown significantly since it was founded in 1999, with annual sales of over £50m between 2010 and 2016.

Spreadex can be divided into two types of sports betting, spread betting and fixed odds, but in online sports betting, they are all under one roof.

The home page can seem quite confusing at first, especially if you are not familiar with spread betting, but you can visit the “Getting Started” page to familiarize yourself with the concept.

The first event at the top of the page is usually the next horse race, followed by in-game events. You can then click on an event to view the spread or locked odds.

Tennis Spread Betting

Different spread betting markets have different formats and rules, and click the button to see exactly what we mean.

Soccer has many markets to choose from, from individual matches to ‘group specials’ covering entire matches.

The Group Special includes the Premier League Weekend Action, for which points are awarded for results such as both teams scoring in the first half and five or more goals in a match, but points are deducted from the tally if -0. 0 is a draw.

Get Your Casino Fix At Spreadex: India's Top Gaming Site

For fixed odds, all expected standard markets are offered, including bet builders, but no Asian Handicap.

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Horse racing is another popular sport on Spreadex, and like football matches, you can bet on spreads that cover entire matches or single races.

Selling on a horse is like putting it on the stock market. If you buy, the best possible outcome is a win, but depending on how large the spread is, you can also place and take a profit. The larger the standard deviation, the better performance can be expected from the horse.

The fixed odds option allows you to choose a horse to win without having a horse in place or a favorite.

Spreadex not only offers spread betting on the table, but also all the features you would expect from a modern online betting site.

Find Your Luck At Spreadex Casino: The Best In India

All tools are of high quality and can be a one-stop shop for anyone who loves fixed odds and a variety of sports betting.

Spreadex’s in-game betting selection is outstanding. Spreads can be used in live events like tennis and can buy or sell the entire set, all games or simply one player winning the match.

Golf is also one of the best sports to bet on with Spreadex live spreads as the tournaments are longer and there is an opportunity to find value.

Get Your Casino Fix At Spreadex: India's Top Gaming Site

Among all betting sites in the UK, Spreadex has one of the best live streaming catalogs. It offers cricket, tennis, snooker, football and much more.

Discover The Best Betting And Casino Games At Spreadex

You can also watch many horse races where you have to place a bet to see the race.

Look for the TV icon logo next to the event to indicate live streaming is available. When an event is broadcast on TV in the UK, Spreadex displays the channel logo as a nice touch.

You can cash out part of your bets on Spreadex.